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How Will This Help Grow Your Biz?

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How's This Work?

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I will help you solve two main things.

One, You want the How, a strategic viral campaign that will reach more audiences and generate leads in a looping effect. Someone to help you bridge the gap between you and your customers with creativity.

Two, You want that "online reputation engine!" Keep your business in the public eye and gain better credibility. You need to build that positive reputation for your potential market of customers so they can validate the reliability of your business and eventually get convinced and convert.

What Do I Offer?

Consulting & Planning

As your viral strategist, I will help you analyze your

business model, utilize the products or services you already

have, and recommend strategies from proven campaigns to

leverage them, whether it be an online business,

personal brand, local business, eCommerce business, or

SaaS business. Whichever type of business you have, this

can be added to your sales process.

Opt-in & Share Page

A set of ready-to-launch viral campaigns includes an opt-in

landing page and a thank you or share page. You will get

social media presence on major channels, including email

presence. Plus, you will get all the essential emails to push

your leads to the next step of your funnel. 

Optimizing & Follow Up

During a live campaign, monitoring performance and

making minor tweaks to campaign A/B testing media and

messages are important. This is where we help you

improve your KPI success rate so you can keep focusing

on sending out the campaign.


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